Our Team

Meet Our Team

Richard Seff - Estate Planning & Elder Law Attorney

Richard Seff’s personal history helps explain his unwavering commitment to meeting his clients’ estate planning needs.

In addition to the J.D., Richard has a Master's Degree in Social Work and a Master's Degree in Health Care Administration. As a social worker, Richard worked with troubled adolescents and their families. As a hospital administrator he led the development of a cutting-edge Alzheimer's & Dementia Diagnostic inpatient unit in an acute care hospital.

With that background, Richard brings a unique skillset to estate planning & elder law. Learn More About Richard


Katherine Lerner, MSW, CMC - Elder Care Coordinator

Katherine is an experienced Social Worker with a specialty in Geriatric Care Management. She has an extensive background in assessment of client needs, care planning, client advocacy, and providing psychosocial support to families as they navigate the difficult issues presented by caring for an aging loved one. Kathy brings great value to our Life Care Planning clients.


Attorney Richard M. Seff is a former social worker and hospital administrator, and he brings a unique set of skills to the table. He really listens to his clients, has a keen understanding of the family dynamics at play during the estate planning process, and communicates clearly in language that his clients understand—not legalese. In addition, his past experience working with families helps him to identify issues that other attorneys may miss, and that can have a profound effect on the success of an estate plan!

In addition to having a background that complements his estate planning and elder law practice, Richard takes a different approach to working with clients—all to provide the best possible protection and service.