As we announced last week - we're putting the pieces in place to offer Life Care Planning in the next several weeks. We're very excited about this.

What to Expect from a Life Care Planning Law Firm

If you call a Life Care Planning Law Firm to schedule an appointment, what happens next?

An 80-year-old woman falls then discovers she can't live at home anymore. A 65-year-old man is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. The adult child caring for a woman with dementia is on the verge of burnout.

People in situations like these find that the support they get from a Life Care Planning Law Firm is often the best help of all. When a prospect calls our office, we will gather the facts (taking up to 30 minutes). If we determine that our firm can help, we will schedule a meeting where the elderly client and all involved family members to come to our office. Then we'll send (via email or U.S. mail) an overview of the expected outcomes of the initial meeting, a questionnaire to complete, a list of documents to bring, and information about our firm. We will advise them that we do charge a consultation fee which will be credited toward future services if the family decides to retain us.

What Happens During the Initial Meeting?

The first half hour or so is focused on learning more about the elder and the family's situation. The next 30-45 minutes are dedicated to helping families understand the natural progression of aging along with options for the elder's care. Then, the attorney explains how the family will benefit by hiring our firm, and quote a flat fee for services based upon a variety of factors, including the complexity of the situation. The family will be offered a one-year contract with the option to renew each year. We believe families will like the flat fee arrangement. That payment provides access to the services of our elder care team who are dedicated to helping families get the best care for elderly loved ones.

Families will be in the initial meeting for anywhere from 90 minutes to two hours. It will include our Elder Care Coordinator (a social worker specializing in geriatric care management). When a family decides to retain a Life Care Planning Law Firm, they can expect to feel a great deal of relief. When families see their situation ---- and the proposed solution ---- it will make a big impact. We expect to see people because they tried to manage the care of their elderly loved ones on their own but couldn't. Ultimately, they're buying peace of mind. We're in the peace of mind business!


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