A revocable living trust does not protect assets from creditors. That is a big misunderstanding that many people have. It avoids probate but it does not provide asset protection.  

We do offer, however the Bridge Trust for those who want asset protection for themselves. This is a very unique, sophisticated asset protection trust.  The Bridge Trust® combines the strengths of an offshore trust with the simplicity of a domestic asset protection trust (“DAPT”).

The Bridge Trust is an Asset Protection Trust registered offshore but domesticated (Domestic Asset Protection Trust) for tax and administrative purposes. This means that there are no complicated foreign filing requirements or IRS forms.

If a legal crisis occurs, the Trust and accompanying assets “cross the bridge” to the offshore jurisdiction, beyond U.S. court authority – for ultimate peace of mind.

Then there is the Personal Asset Trust. This is an asset protection trust for beneficiaries. This provides protection against creditors, judgments, and the biggest threat of all – divorcing spouses. What if your adult child is in a high risk occupation, such as a physician or is an owner of rental properties? A personal asset trust is the smart choice.