We firmly believe that when it comes to the important things in life, you get what you pay for. With estate planning, you may only get one chance to get it right. A properly drafted and implemented estate plan can:

  • Minimize taxes (such as the capital gains tax);
  • Preserve family harmony, thus leaving an invaluable legacy;
  • Protect your hard-earned legacy from predators and creditors (and that future ex-son-in-law); 
  • Provide for a surviving spouse and\or beneficiary in the event they have a disability or serious health condition now or in the future; and
  • Pass on your values along with your assets.

We share our fees at our free, one-hour initial estate planning consultation, in the context of the planning options available. We will quote you an exact flat fee when you come in for your personal consultation with our estate planning lawyer, once we understand your situation and goals.

We do charge an initial Life Care Planning consultation fee of $300 for 2 hours with our Elder Law Attorney and Elder Care Coordinator. The consultation fee will be applied should you retain us.

We are confident that the value provided at the Estate Planning & Elder Law Firm is unsurpassed. Not only does your fee include the design of your plan and your documents, it also includes ongoing support throughout your lifetime, as well as support for your loved ones in the event of your disability and death. Some of the benefits of working with the Estate Planning & Elder Law Firm include:

  • FREE unlimited telephone\email support. We never charge for phone calls from our estate planning clients, whether it's related to funding your Trust, other estate planning-related questions, or needing a referral to another qualified professional.
  • FREE regular estate planning checkups (a minimum of once every three years). Sit down with an attorney to review your estate plan and make sure it still meets your goals, in light of any changes in the law or in your circumstances.
  • FREE one-hour consultation for your loved ones in the event of your disability and your death. In this meeting we will be able to provide guidance on what needs to happen and, just as importantly, what not to do. If your loved ones need additional support, we are available for a fee negotiated at that time.
  • FREE Living Trust identification cards that include the formal name of your Trust, as well as our contact information. It serves as a convenient reminder when you're at the bank opening a new account, or purchasing a new asset, to ensure your Trust is fully funded no matter what changes down the road.
  • FREE Kids Protection Plan to protect your young children should an emergency arise. This is much more than merely nominating guardians. This will ensure that your children will never go into child custody because you will have an emergency plan in place. It includes Emergency ID Cards for parents and much more. 
  • FREE weekly communications via email, with the latest news about estate planning.