Woodland Hills Elder Law Attorney

What Does Elder Law Include?

Elder law can include any of the legal issues that can affect people who are in the later stages of their lives. This can incorporate matters like probate, estate planning, wills, trusts and in California, Medi-Cal planning. As we begin to near the end of our lives, there comes a time when it becomes necessary for us to consult with a life care attorney to put together a plan for what is going to happen regarding the future care of our children, spouses, other loved ones, and assets upon our death or our untimely incapacitation.

Probate is simply the process of officially going through a deceased person’s estate in a court of law. Included must be notifying all their heirs, distributing all their assets, and settling their debts. Any time an individual dies, there are multiple options available for avoiding the stress and expenses of probate, if proper estate planning occurred before their death. A Woodland Hills life planning and elder law attorney can educate you on how to use trusts and other tools to avoid probate and ease some of the suffering that your loved ones will have to experience after you are gone.

As we approach the later stages of our lives, many people will find themselves in need of long term care in a nursing home. The average cost of a nursing home in California is about $8,000 a month. Many California residents require the assistance of Medi-Cal coverage to pay for this type of long term care. Medi-Cal, however, requires very strict income and asset limitations be met in order to qualify for the assistance program.

If you or a family member has not taken the time to plan for when Medi-Cal coverage and nursing home care becomes a necessity, they may not qualify for Medi-Cal coverage and then be required to lose most of their assets in order to qualify later. This does not have to happen. The Medi-Cal planning attorneys at The Estate Planning Law Center in Woodland Hills, California can help you to arrange your assets and income in advance, in a way where you can qualify for Medi-Cal and also save much of your estate.

Why Do I Need An Elder Law Attorney?

Probate and elder law are two very complex and technical areas of law with stringent rules and regulations. In many California counties, it is not allowed for an individual to attempt to probate an estate without an elder law attorney due to the amount of errors that are simply unavoidable for people without real legal training.

If you find yourself facing a family member’s need for nursing home care and you can’t afford to spend many thousands of dollars on care each month, you need legal help. The complicated details of Medi-Cal planning, especially once the situation has become an emergency, require prompt consultation with a California elder law attorney. You simply will not be taken seriously by a nursing home without a lawyer.

Why Choose The Estate Planning Law Center?

Estate planning can be a very sensitive matter. The issues surrounding estate planning and elder law require people to acknowledge their own mortality and, often times more difficultly, that of their beloved friends and family member. These are delicate issues that also require discussing private and personal details about our romantic lives, secretive family matters, and sometime troubled finances. As you put into place the final plans for what is going to happen to all the assets and income you’ve worked hard for upon the event of your death in Woodland Hills, CA, there is no question that you will require an elder law attorney you can really trust. The Estate Planning Law Center will expertly assist in your estate planning case with care and without judgment. Our seasoned elder law and life planning attorneys will listen to you respectfully and do precisely what you wish for your California estate. We offer direct communication and you will never again have to face feeling unsure of what might happen to your family if you pass away. Start Medi-Cal and estate planning as early in life as you possibly can. Call The Estate Planning Law Center today.