Asset Protection relies upon the strength of its components in providing results when defending your property from unscrupulous plaintiffs and financial predators.

Using multiple components of our plan together maximizes the power of your planning. It is this multi-pronged or “layered” approach that optimizes your ability to preserve wealth. Together, these legal components are designed to:

  • Protect your accumulated wealth, including liquid savings and investments.
  • Protect your personal residence.
  • Protect your real estate investments including office buildings or rental property.
  • Protect employers from the increasing danger of employee lawsuits.
  • Create a strong deterrent to would-be plaintiffs by removing financial incentives to sue.
  • And when litigation becomes inevitable, leverage a favorable settlement by shifting the balance of power from the plaintiff to you.

The Hybrid Domestic Asset Protection Trust® (“Hybrid DAPT”)

The Hybrid DAPT is the most important tool in the asset protection industry. Period. It has no equal. 

A Hybrid DAPT is initially set up as a third party trust -- that is, it benefits your spouse and children or other family members, but not you. Because you're not named as a beneficiary, the trust isn't a self-settled trust, so it avoids the uncertainty associated with regular DAPTs.

There's little doubt that a properly structured third-party trust avoids creditors' claims. If, however, you need access to the trust assets in the future, the trustee or trust protector has the authority to add additional beneficiaries, including you. If that happens, the Hybrid DAPT is converted into a regular DAPT subject to the previously mentioned risks.

The Hybrid DAPT can add flexibility while offering maximum asset protection. It also minimizes the risks associated with DAPTs, while retaining the ability to convert to a DAPT should the need arise.

The Hybrid DAPT was created by nationally known Steven J. Oshins of Oshins & Associates, LLC in Las Vegas Nevada, with whom we’ve partnered, to make this available to our clients. We consider this strategy to be the key to an effective and sustainable asset protection plan.

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