Planning For Your Family’s Future & Medi-Cal Eligibility

America has an aging population, with many of the Baby Boomer generation now heading into their senior years. And typically, an aging citizenry will need more medical care and senior solutions. As families plan for the care of their senior loved ones, there are an abundance of questions and concerns that commonly come up, such as the following: will your parents be able to keep their home if they go into assisted living; how can you protect an aging parent’s assets; and can you receive public benefits or assistance to help cover medical care, assisted living, or in-home support? These are but a few of the many and various important issues that you will undoubtedly discuss as you plan for the security, safety, and well being of your family, and the family’s wisest senior matriarchs and patriarchs who deserve only the best. And as your attorney, Richard M. Seff, Esq, of The Estate Planning Law Center, with his years of specialized experience in estate planning and Medi-Cal/health coverage, can help you make the best decisions to ensure your entire family, from children to aging seniors, is cared for—financially and medically.

The Many Benefits of Medi-Cal Coverage | Richard M. Seff, Esq Explains

Fortunately, California residents have many options as citizens of one of the most forward-thinking, progressive, and health/wellness advocacy states in our great country. Medi-Cal offers many of those options. Medi-Cal is an innovative and comprehensive program that serves as California’s Medicaid health care system. Medi-Cal pays for a wide range of quality medical services for children, as well as adults with limited income and/or resources. The successful Medi-Cal program in California is supported by state and federal taxes and offers assistance to California residents across many diverse strata. As your Medi-Cal attorney in Los Angeles County, CA, Richard M. Seff, Esq can help you get a clear understanding of how Medi-Cal can benefit the aging seniors in your family as well as everyone else, if you qualify.

Am I Eligible for Medi-Cal? Is My Whole Family Eligible? | Richard M. Seff, Esq Answers

Medi-Cal is an equal opportunity assistance program that helps millions of Californians annually. California residents can apply for Medi-Cal benefits regardless of sex, race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, or veteran status. In fact, nearly 1 out of 3 Californians receive health care services for themselves and/or their families that are either financed or organized by the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS). And thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Medi-Cal coverage has now expanded to help even more people in need.

Medi-Cal extends deep into California communities providing vital health care services for children, low-income families, seniors, pregnant women, and persons with disabilities, and enrollment for coverage is open all year. Medi-Cal administrators have worked hard to simplify the procedures for eligibility and enrollment in general. Eligibility is based on income and various other data. Talk to an experienced Medi-Cal attorney in Los Angeles County, CA to get guidance on any of your Medi-Cal concerns or questions.

It is important to remember that eligibility for Medi-Cal is not based solely on income. To determine Medi-Cal eligibility, an applicant’s personal situation is considered in detail. Income is of course a consideration and every specific Medi-Cal program has income limits that are set based on percentages pertaining to the Federal Poverty Level index. Immigration status is considered as well with most programs requiring a satisfactory status, although select special service programs such as for expecting mothers in need of prenatal care, and emergency services, etc. are open to everyone regardless of immigration status. Administrators will consider disability issues also (speak to your Medi-Cal attorney in Los Angeles County, CA) for details. And property is considered. Each Medi-Cal program has its own special considerations in regard to property as well, except for most programs that pertain to the care of children and newborns.

Many Ways to Enroll | Medi-Cal Attorney in Los Angeles County, CA

California has made it easy for residents to apply and enroll. The state has implemented several helpful and simple to use systems for enrollment, such as automatic enrollment, accelerated enrollment, presumptive enrollment, and express late eligibility. And Californians can easily apply online, via the US mail, or even in person. Additional helpful information, as well as applications, can be accessed through many conveniently located county Medi-Cal offices.

A Wide Range of Services Available for a Diverse Community at Every Age

The scope of services that Medi-Cal offers is wide. Medi-Cal offers assistance in many forms and for an assortment of issues including but not limited to the following: critical emergency services, ambulatory patient services, prescription drug coverage, rehabilitation services and devices, hospitalization, lab services, maternity services, and newborn care for California’s newest residents.

Medi-Cal’s assistance continues into coverage support for important health services Californians require, such as preventative medicine, mental health services, chronic disease management, substance abuse services, pediatric care and services, dental care, vision care, non-emergency medical transportation services, and long term care.

As a trusted Medi-Cal attorney in Los Angeles County, CA, Richard M. Seff, Esq has helped numerous families plan their estates, secure their futures, and access the avenues for Medi-Cal and other assistance programs. Attorney Seff can help your family plan for the future and connect with programs that provide services to the aging seniors, adults, and children who call California home. Contact Richard M. Seff, Esq today to discuss your family planning and Medi-Cal/health coverage issues. Richard M. Seff, Esq and his team will help you secure your future and protect your family’s interests, health, and well being. Call him today to get started.