So many deserving Veterans and their spouses are unaware of this important pension and, even if they do learn about it, they find it difficult to navigate the “system.”

Millions of wartime veterans and their spouses may be eligible for special monthly pension benefits solely because they are over 65 years of age and are homebound, in assisted living, or in a nursing home.

Many people are surprised that they qualify for aging Veterans services without having to have a service-related disability. The Veteran’s Pension and Survivor’s Pension Programs offer benefits that can be used by a Veteran or their surviving spouse to help with costs for in-home medical care, assisted living facilities and even nursing homes.

If you spent one full day of service during a time of war, you may be eligible for a little known benefit called “Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefit” (VA A&A). Further, this benefit may also be available to your spouse or a veteran’s surviving spouse.

And it isn’t required that the time was spent on foreign or domestic soil where war was taking place or that you were injured during war or during your military service.

It’s estimated that 1/3 of Veterans can qualify for up to $2,127 per month additional pension. It’s also estimated that less than 5% of potentially eligible veterans are getting the money.

Before you discount yourself from benefits earned by service to your country, give us a call to find out if the specifics of your situation can qualify you for this little known benefit. We are one of the few firms to be accredited to help with Veterans Benefits.

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