We Help Seniors in the Los Angeles Area Get the Help They Need With Complicated Elder Law Matters

Having been a former social worker, then hospital executive who led the development of a cutting-edge Alzheimer’s & Dementia Diagnostic Unit in a general hospital in the early eighties—my passion has always been about serving seniors. So when I went to law school, it was an easy decision as to what my specialty would be: elder law & estate planning!

So, what is elder law?

Elder law can cover many areas from age discrimination and nursing home rights to Medi-Cal and other public benefits programs such as VA Pension Benefits. The scope of my practice includes:

  • Medi-Cal and long-term care planning, whether it be pre-planning or crisis planning mode. The federal\state Medi-Cal program is bewilderingly complex and it is easy to get lost in its rules. I’m here to help you through that.
  • VA Pension Benefits: this too is complex.
  • Estate planning which includes special needs trusts.