How is your estate planning coming?

Welcome! We've created this audit just for you. Many people think that they have their estate planning affairs in order (or that if they don't, it won't be that bad for their loved ones). This short evaluation should help you determine if you have any common gaps, whether you have a Trust or Will in place or not.

The point is not to scare you, but simply raise some issues you may not have thought of.

Without knowing the specifics of your situation, we can't give you any legal advice, so please know that this is just general legal information designed to identify issues and point you in the right direction.

This audit is not meant to be comprehensive, as there is no way to identify in this short space all of the issues that are common to the general population. We strongly recommend that you meet with a good estate planning attorney for specific advice. If you are part of a blended family, have disabled loved ones or minor children, an aging loved one, or other special concerns, it is particularly important.

Once you've completed this audit, a detailed report will be sent to the email address you provide.

Let's get started...