What Clients Are Saying About Our Estate Planning Services

Although nobody likes thinking about what will happen after they are gone, our clients enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that their loved ones will be cared for. In our testimonials, clients and families explain how we guided them through their estate plans, allaying their fears and protecting the people and assets that were most dear to them.

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  • Richard Seff is a highly original, unique individual...

    Richard Seff is a highly original, unique individual who combines a variety of experiences and knowledge-bases to one unified activity. His attention to detail is the sign of a true professional and of a perfectionist. It has been our great fortune that we found him and it has been our privilege that he is helping us in that delicate and complex problem-area which is his business and also part of his life. We are looking forward to a continual association with him and planning to learn many things from him.

    George & Nobuko Csanak | Newbury Park , CA
  • Richard Seff is a highly personable, reliable, trustworthy...

    “Richard Seff is a highly personable, reliable, trustworthy and patient attorney who cares about his clients. He is a creative problem solver, and is deeply committed to protecting his clients’ wealth and future of their families. His combination of training as a social worker and an attorney is evident in his work!”

    Dahlia Greer | Los Angeles , CA