Is YOUR trust now seriously out of date? It is if you don’t have a Personal Asset Trust™.

These days, most homeowners are getting a living trust and rightly so, because the living trust is the preferred estate planning vehicle. But few are asking, “Exactly what kind of trust vehicle am I getting?”

You see, when you buy a car and drive it off the lot, you’ll know if it’s a lemon in a matter of a few days or months. But when will you know whether your living trust is a lemon? Probably years from now, when you (or your spouse) are ill, disabled or pass away—when you and your loved ones most need the trust to work—and when it’s too late to fix it!

Unfortunately, you may have been led to believe that all living trusts are the same and the only difference is the price. The truth is otherwise.

All Living Trusts Are Not Created Equally!

You and your loved ones can’t afford to just wait and see if the living trust you’ll get is a”ticking time bomb.” Now is the time to find out…

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  • Why your living trust (and other plan documents) must comply with new HIPAA law—or your plan may not work properly if you or your spouse become ill or disabled!
  • How a properly drafted living trust can make your loved ones’ inheritance virtually lawsuit-, creditor-, and divorce-proof! (A living trust that merely avoids probate and estate taxes isn’t good enough anymore!)
  • Why your living trust plan must be done properly or it may not avoid the expenses, delays, and headaches of probate court after you’ve gone—or even while you’re living!
  • Why the wrong person may be in charge of your affairs if you’re ill or disabled and you may not be able to replace them! (if your trust is poorly drafted!)
  • Why many living trust plans may prevent you from qualifying for Medi-Cal benefits and allow your estate to be wiped out by nursing home bills!
  • If you’re married, how the wrong type of trust can force your surviving spouse to endure needless paperwork and legal and accounting fees—and force your loved ones to pay more estate and capital gains taxes!
  • Why it’s important for your trust to be able to adapt to the changed situations and needs of your loved ones—after you’re gone! (such as unexpected illness, disability, or drug or alcohol problems!)
  • Why your potentially most valuable assets—your IRAs (and retirement plans you may rollover to IRAs)—may not be properly protected!
  • Why your “service package” is just as important as the trust vehicle you buy!
  • Why you need to learn the seven easy steps smart parents take for the absolute peace of mind of knowing your children would never be taken from your home or spend a minute in the care of someone you wouldn’t want if the unthinkable happened to you. Ask about the Kids Protection Planning Kit™.

Find out the answers. Estate planning attorney Richard M. Seff is a specialist in estate planning and trusts and has over 13 years of practical estate planning experience—and wisdom—to share with you.

Don’t risk all you’ve worked your entire lifetime to earn and save. A properly drafted and maintained living trust is critical to your and your loved ones’ well-being—be informed, rather than wait until it’s too late!

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