What To Look For In An Estate Planning Lawyer In Los Angeles County

Estate planning is for everyone; simply put, there are myriad reasons every individual, regardless of their net worth, should make a comprehensive estate plan. Many people falsely assume that estate planning is only for those of a certain financial level, but this is absolutely not true. When you plan your estate in advance with an experienced estate planning attorney in Los Angeles County, CA such as Richard M. Seff, Esq, of The Estate Planning Law Center, you get the satisfaction and peace of mind that comes with knowing your affairs will be handled as you wish, and your family will be protected.

There are many issues an estate plan can resolve when the time comes for it to be enacted. An estate plan can shield your assets for future generations, provide assistance with guardianship or the administration of an estate, and help coordinate a successful probate process in court regarding provisions in a will or a trust. But for those with a family, a comprehensive estate plan can provide security for your family and safeguard them from unnecessary risk when you are no longer able to provide that physically.

As your estate planning attorney in Los Angeles County, CA, we offer a wide variety of services to accommodate your every need. From tax minimization and overall wealth preservation, to enacting measures that will ensure a seamless business succession, to implementing critical contingency plans that will provide a structure for making medical and financial decisions efficiently, when they are needed. Richard M. Seff, Esq and his skilled team at The Estate Planning Law Center can handle all your estate planning issues, from setting up a foundational estate plan, to trust litigation, probate, probate litigation, and of course wills and trusts.

What Should I Look for When Reviewing Estate Planning Lawyers in Los Angeles County?

While we acknowledge that whom you ask to be your husband, wife, or partner is perhaps one of the most important decisions of your life, your choice of estate planning attorney should be made with careful consideration as well. Your estate planning attorney is entrusted with a great deal of responsibility regarding how your estate will be settled, but also with important decisions that affect your whole family in medical or other emergencies. You don’t want to leave such important decisions up to just anyone, and simply calling the first firm that pops up in your google search is not advisable unless you do your research and find that they are truly the best firm for you. With this in mind then, what exactly should you look for in an estate planning attorney in Los Angeles County, CA? There are many issues to consider, and your specific situation may warrant that some qualities and skills take precedence over others in your search to find the best estate planning attorney for your needs, but we’ve compiled a list of some of the basics for your convenience.

Tax Planning Experts

Taxes, and how they are handled, are critically important in estate planning, thus you’ll want an estate planning attorney who is well versed in tax law and stays up to date with federal and state tax law modifications in real time. The manner in which your estate planning attorney drafts important will and trust documents will undoubtedly be heavily influenced by a number of state and federal transfers tax laws. And there is no easy way to make these important decisions. To decide which path is best when setting up your estate plan, you’ll be relying on your attorney’s knowledge of the vast and complex laws that govern these issues. A seasoned, skilled trusts and estate planning attorney in Los Angeles County, CA will be extremely knowledgeable in regard to standard retirement accounts (IRAs), as well as Roth IRAs, 401(k)s, profit sharing and various stock incentive programs, and much more.

Highly Experienced & Knowledgeable (Especially in Regard to Business)

Experience matters, in fact it matters a great deal in regard to estate planning. You’ll want to select an estate planning attorney who has a track record you can depend on. You don’t want your family’s future and security to be an experiment conducted by a green attorney. You want your attorney to have extensive skill and experience navigating the complex laws that pertain to tax and probate issues, etc. And an attorney who has a thorough understanding of business will be best to help you structure your entities, and handle issues that deal with your position in the company, business succession, crucial governance issues, and more. Additionally, your savvy estate planning attorney in Los Angeles County, CA can provide you with a detailed analysis and understanding of the potential effects of bringing business endeavors into an estate plan.

Communication & Compassion

These two qualities go hand in hand and are both important values a great estate planning attorney will possess. Estate planning is a serious process that requires movement in many areas of law, therefore you’ll want to hire an estate planning attorney who not only understands the many and various laws that pertain to it, but can explain all the options to you in a comprehensive yet concise manner. And you’ll want someone who never forgets that you are going through one of the most difficult times in your life. Losing a loved one is traumatic and you’ll want an estate planning attorney who will genuinely empathize with your situation when the times comes to settle an estate, and will handle the legal affairs with skill and precision but never forget that it’s personal to you and you deserve the utmost respect during this difficult time. You have options in Los Angeles County, CA, demand good communication, respect, and compassion, and don’t settle for less.

Costs Versus Value

“You get what you pay for” is an expression we’ve all heard, and it implies that something which is affordable may not be as good as something that costs more. Is this true? The answer: not necessarily. Attorney skills vary and firms have specialties. Many firms have big dollar reputations and offer every kind of legal service, but perhaps they have made their name in one area of law that has allowed them to mandate extremely expensive rates, while their experience in estate planning is average at best. You could be paying for their reputation in criminal law, but getting only adequate skills in the preparation of your estate plan. The point is, you should do your research. You should not assume that the most expensive attorney is the best, nor should you assume an affordable attorney won’t be as skilled. Ask questions, ask for references, and do your research. When it comes to estate planning, you want an attorney who specializes in it, not one who just freelances the occasional client. Your research and due diligence will provide the answers you seek, and then you can rest assured that the estate planning attorney you choose will be the best one for your needs in Los Angeles County, CA.